St. Chad's Catholic Primary School, Catholic Lane, Sedgley, Dudley

Annual Awards

2017's Award Winners.

Each year, at the end of the Summer term, an awards ceremony is held for the pupils of Year 6 who are about to move on to their secondary schools.

The whole staff decide who should receive each award.

In addition to the regular annual awards, sometimes special awards are made for outstanding achievement in other areas, for example, art or music.

Winning House - 2017

The winning house for 2017 was Yellow house!

Certificates of Excellence - 2017

Jeanette Brown Cup: Presentation and Handwriting Award

The Jeanette Brown Cup.

The Jeanette Brown Cup is awarded for handwriting which is consistently neat and legible.

In 2017 this was awarded to Claire P.

Award for Academic Achievement

The Award for Academic Achievement.

The Dudley Building Society Shield for Academic Achievement is awarded to the pupil who achieves the highest grades across all core subjects.

In 2017 this was awarded to Nicholas L.

Papal Award For Religious Education

The Papal Award.

The Papal Award is presented to the pupil who has demonstrated their faith by their actions and attitudes.

In 2017 this was awarded to Ben F.

Joan Walker Cup: Award for Character

The Joan Walker Cup.

Joan Walker, who was Headteacher at St. Chad's from 1947 to 1976, gave this cup to be awarded to the child whose character showed the true ethos of St. Chad's.

In 2017 this was awarded to Olivia O.

Corser Shield for Numeracy

The Corser Shield.

Mr Corser, who taught maths groups for a while, presented this to be awarded for maths achievement.

In 2017 this was presented to Joshua H.

Oakes Shield for ICT

The Oakes Shield.

Mr and Mrs Oakes have been suppliers of St. Chad's school uniform for many years. Their shield is awarded for outstanding proficiency in ICT.

In 2017 this was awarded to Matthew H.

Tony Bradley Award for Sporting Personality

The Tony Bradley Award.

Mr Bradley, who taught for many years at St. Chad's, presented this shield for Sporting Personality.

In 2017 it was awarded to Athena S.

De Marco Shield for Musical Excellence

The De Marco Shield.

In 2017 it was awarded to Faith G.

Pat Jones Award for Excellence in Art

The Pat Jones Award.

In 2017 it was awarded to Benita N.

Pat Hodgson Award for Excellence in English

The Pat Hodgson Award.

In 2017 it was awarded to Benjamin H.