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St. Chad's Catholic Primary School, Catholic Lane, Sedgley, Dudley

Event - Holy Week and Easter

w/c 23 March 2015

During the final week of the term we held a series of 'mini assemblies' to commemorate the events of Holy Week.

The children from Year 4 began by presenting an assembly about Palm Sunday. We saw how Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey and the people cheered and waved palms.

The next day Year 3 reminded us of how Jesus celebrated the Last Supper with his friends and we recognised the words that Father Paul says in Mass, as Jesus blessed the bread and wine and gave Himself to his friends.

After leaving the table Jesus went to the garden and prayed. Year 5 recalled how Jesus' friends fell asleep and left Him to pray on His own. We saw how a band of soldiers, led by Judas Iscariot, came and arrested Jesus.

Finally Year 6 led us in recalling Jesus' final walk to Calvary carrying the cross, and how Mary and St. John stood at the foot of the cross as Jesus died.

As this was the last day before Easter, we then anticipated Jesus' Resurrection. The younger children sang Easter songs and the assembly ended with an Easter Bonnet parade which included children from all classes. They all looked amazing, but there was a winner from every class who received an Easter egg.

The people cheered and waves palms - Year 4.
Jesus shared a Last Supper with His friends - Year 3.

Jesus was arrested - Year 5.
Jesus died on the cross - Year 6.

Jesus is risen - Year 6.
A winner from every class.