St. Chad's Catholic Primary School, Catholic Lane, Sedgley, Dudley


When the children make visits out of school or when people visit school they usually comment on our amazing uniform.

This is because the girls wear kilts in the winter and both the boys and girls wear green blouses or shirts. In the summer months it is the boys who look extra special in their red checked shirts, while the girls wear dresses in similar red and white check.

Winter uniform.
Summer uniform.


Winter Uniform:

  • Green shirt
  • Red tie
  • Grey trousers
  • Green v-neck sweatshirt
  • Grey socks
  • Black shoes

Summer Uniform:

  • Red and white check short-sleeved shirt
  • Green v-neck sweatshirt
  • Grey shorts or long grey trousers
  • Grey socks
  • Black shoes



Winter Uniform:

  • Red tartan kilt
  • Green shirt
  • Red tie
  • Green v-neck sweatshirt
  • Black school shoes (low heels)
  • Infants: Red tights/red knee-length socks
  • Juniors: Bottle green tights/bottle green knee-length socks.

Summer Uniform:

  • Red and white check dress
  • Red cardigan
  • White ankle or knee-length socks
  • Black school shoes (low heels), or white sandals (low heels – no open fronts)

Trainers, Sports Shoes, Boots are not acceptable as school dress. If a child does come to school in trainers, he/she will be asked to change into their PE Pumps.

Outdoor Clothing

  • Plain black anoraks or coats.

PE Kit

  • Shorts
  • T-shirt – in house colour (red, green, blue or yellow)
  • Pumps - to be kept in a pump bag.


All pupils must have a conventional hairstyle which in its length, style and colour is acceptable to the School.

  1. All long hair (past the bottom of the shirt / blouse collar) must be tied back.
  2. Hair falling over the eyes must be clipped back during lessons.
  3. Short hair must be a minimum of a grade 3, with no shaved lines or patterns, or extreme partings.


Please make sure all items of uniform are clearly named.

Winter Uniform is worn from the commencement of the Autumn Term until April/May of the following year unless the weather is unusually hot, when the circumstances are taken into account. Parents will be kept informed through the weekly newsletter.

For safety and security reasons no jewellery is to be worn at school. This includes earrings of all description.


The uniform can be purchased from:

  • A Oakes, (Babyland), 27 Churchill Precinct, Dudley
  • Teamsport, 11 Bilston Road, Sedgley

Most items such as trousers, shirts, socks and cardigans can be purchased at other outlets.

The Friends of St. Chad also run a 'nearly new' uniform service after school on the first Tuesday of every month.