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St. Chad's Catholic Primary School, Catholic Lane, Sedgley, Dudley

Event - Years 5/6 Greek Art Project

30 January 2017

On the 30th January Year 5 and 6 were delighted to welcome art students from Bishop Milner Catholic College and their art teacher, Miss Gartland, to help produce some fantastic pieces of art around our current topic ‘Ancient Greece’.

Year 5 produced the snakes for Medusa’s head by painting onto bubble wrap and printing, which created a snake-skin effect. While Year 6 made feathers for the wings of the Pegasus horse, by having two pieces of card glued together with a wire; we then cut fine strips to create a feather and then bend them to make it 3D effect for the wings. We also made a labyrinth maze using string.

It was thoroughly enjoyed by all children and we all learnt lots of new skills and techniques

Bishop Milner students working with Year 5.
Year 5 were very pleased with their Medusa.

Year 5's finished Medusa.
Year 6 made labyrinths.

Making feathers for Pegasus.
Year 6's finished Pegasus.