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St. Chad's Catholic Primary School, Catholic Lane, Sedgley, Dudley

Event - Be Internet Legends

21 May 2019

On Tuesday 21st May we were lucky enough to have a visit from Google Internet Legends.

They introduced the children of Key Stage 2 to the land of Interland and its inhabitants called Internauts. Using these characters, the children were reminded about staying safe online.

They were taught five internet rules: be SHARP – think before you share; be ALERT and check it’s real; Be SECURE by using strong passwords; be KIND and respectful to everyone online and be BRAVE by discussing things when in doubt.

When the Google staff left they gave the children access to an online game to help them remember what they had been taught and a certificate confirming that they were now Internet Legends.

The assembly begins.
The children were introduced to Interland.

A group of children helped the presenters.
Starting with a very simple password.

Using numbers and symbols the password was made more complicated.
The children had voting hands to agree or disagree.