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St. Chad's Catholic Primary School, Catholic Lane, Sedgley, Dudley

Event - Year 6 Visit Parliament

10 December 2015

Year 6 had an early start on Thursday 10th December, as they had to be at school for 6.30am to get the coach for London. It was a long journey, but well worth it as they had a visit to the Houses of Parliament.

The coach dropped them off at Black Rood's garden near the education centre. Having gone through airport style security, they were led into the Palace of Westminster. They learnt about the three parts of Parliament: The House of Commons, The House of Lords and the Monarch. The children visited both Houses sitting in the Strangers' Gallery to see the debates that were taking place.

The second part of the visit was a workshop on how laws are made. The children suggested ideas which they debated and to voted on, in the same way as real laws are made.

The children walked from Parliament up Whitehall passing the cenotaph and Horse Guard Parade, to get to McDonalds for lunch – which everyone was ready for as it had been a long morning!

The coach got them back to school at exactly 7pm - it was a long day, but a very interesting one!

Mr Wilkinson got to wear a Houses of Parliament hi-viz jacket.
The children sat in the main hall while the guide explained how Parliament worked.

Standing where King Charles was tried for treason.
Looking at the statues of famous politicians.

One of the groups debated whether the weekend should be extended.