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St. Chad's Catholic Primary School, Catholic Lane, Sedgley, Dudley

Event - Remembering the War Dead

11 November 2016

On Friday 11th November Year 5 led the school in a special assembly to remember all those who died during wars and conflicts. They explained why we wear poppies as a sign of remembrance and prayed for peace throughout the world.

The children of Year 5 ended the assembly by holding their poppies high while the whole school prayed in silence for two minutes – with even the four year olds staying quiet.

Then just before eleven o’clock everyone went across to the parish cemetery where there are five soldiers buried: Private John Jones, Private James Martin, Private David Millard, Private H. Stainer and Sergeant Major Martin O’Connor.

The children had made paper poppy wreaths which they laid on each of these graves.

Year 5 held their poppies while everyone prayed silently.
The whole school gathered in the parish cemetery.

Year 5 laid poppies from their assembly on the grave of Private David Millard.
Year 2 laid their poppy on the grave of Private John Jones.

Sergeant Major Martin O'Connor does not have a special headstone, so Year 6 laid a wreath on his family grave.
Placing a wreath on Private H Stainer's grave.