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St. Chad's Catholic Primary School, Catholic Lane, Sedgley, Dudley

Event - Year 4 at Selly Manor

10 July 2017

On 10 July, Year 4 had a fantastic visit to Selly Manor to further their knowledge of the Tudors.

We learnt about things like day to day life, their wonderful table manners and how they made their houses. We also learnt about the life of Henry VIII (the wound in his leg, his younger years and his many wives) along with having a go at dressing up and playing some fun Tudor games.

We visited two separate buildings that, thankfully, Mr Cadbury preserved.

On our tour of Selly Manor we got to see the living area, the kitchen, the dining area, the bedroom, the attic (plus the priest-hole) and also the garden. It gave us a great insight into the life of Tudors, and the way they lived their lives.

The children also got to visit the gift shop where they could purchase different Tudor games and exciting gifts, such as quills, knight’s helmets with swords and pencils and rubbers.