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St. Chad's Catholic Primary School, Catholic Lane, Sedgley, Dudley

Event - Years 1 and 2 Visit the Wyre Forest

18 November 2015

To conclude their fantastic work on their ‘Into the Woods' topic, Years 1 and 2 visited Wyre Forest. They were given a guided tour by park staff.

The children were able to experience wildlife at first hand; going on a nature trail and searching for various woodland creatures. At one point, the children were bird watching through a one-way window... they had to be very quiet!

Both classes also took part in arts and crafts activities using only resources from the woodland floor to help them.

All of the children had a wonderful day and learnt a lot about the forest.

Walking through a carpet of leaves.
Looking at the different types of tree in the forest.

Using leaves to make a collage.
The Education Centre had some very interesting things to see.