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St. Chad's Catholic Primary School, Catholic Lane, Sedgley, Dudley

Event - Year 6 Assembly

1 March 2019

Year 6 prepared the assembly to celebrate the feast day of St. Chad, which is 2nd of March. They told us all about the life St. Chad, the patron saint of our school. They acted out the story of St. Chad’s life and taught us all about why St. Chad why so special.

They went on to tell us that the story of St. Chad didn’t end with his death. They explained that in 1534 when King Henry VIII destroyed the shrine of St. Chad at Lichfield Cathedral, the relics of St. Chad were saved from being destroyed. They were looked after and kept hidden in Dudley before being hidden very close to our school at a farm in Sedgley.

The children chose to sing ‘Blinded by Your Grace’ by Stormzy at the end of their assembly as they felt it expressed their feelings about God perfectly.

Chad travelled the country preaching about God.
Henry the Eighth destroyed St. Chad's tomb at Lichfield Cathedral.

St. Chad is made a bishop.
Year 6 sang a beautiful hymn.